Conservation Park



The Rainmaker Tour, wich includes the canopy and river walk tours, takes place in a natural tropical forest, Rainmaker has taken all necessary steps, within reason, to make this tour safe and enjoyable experience. Nonetheless, these tropical forest tours have inherent dangers that must be treated as such, such as snake bites, and or other animals or insect, etc, and in those unfortuitous cases, Rainmaker cannot be held liable.

The following defined terms will have the meaning hereafter established when used in this release: Rainmaker Tours del Pacifico S.A. in all this document will be abbreviated as Rainmaker.

CLIENT: The person or persons signing this release and any all minors accompanying such person as well as any and all other person for which the signatory is responsible due eto need of special assistance or attention, or otherwise, successors and assigns.

DAMAGES: Any and all losses, damages, liabilities for personal injury or death, property damage or otherwise, arising out of or in any way connected with the participation or use by client in Rainmaker Conservation Project, its premises, or the Canopy and or  River Walk Tours.

DANGER O DANGERS: All and any risks, hazards and or dangers related to or resulting from trasnsportation to and from the permises, natural phenomena, wildlife and plant life, use of premises, failure to abide by posted rules, notices or direct instructions from the Rainmaker personnel and management, as well as any and all other ricks, hazards, or dangers.

Client has been made aware of and understands the dangers inherent to the tropical forest and the premises, and knowingly and voluntarily has fully accepted such dangers under his or her responsibility. In doing so, client has fully and irrevocably released Rainmaker from any and all damages and or waived any cause of action against Rainmaker for damages. Client clearly understands and hereby expressly accept that Rain maker will only be liable for damages caused by direct careless action or gross negligence of its direct employees or management.


Rainmaker and client hereby agrees that if any action or claim for damagesor of any other nature is bright against Rainmaker, the laws of Costa Rica has jurisdiction with respect to such actions or claims. Furthermore, it is also agreed that any and all actions or claims related to the forthcoming from the relation of client with Rainmaker or the taking of these tours, will be resolved through arbitration at the International Center Conciliation and Arbitration of Costa Rica American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) in San Jose Costa Rica, using such center’s rules and prodedures. The arbitrage awards shall grant cost and fees to the prevailing party. Client acknowledges that they have read and understood the rules and will abide by them. Client also acknowledges that he or she has received sufficient information with respect to the possible dangerous and regulations of the tour and will take all necessary steps to avoid such dangers. 

I have carefully read and understand this release and its implications, and intent to be legally bound by it.