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Rainmaker… the name evokes images of pristine natural beauty that lies beyond the boundaries of one’s imagination. This property defies description by mere words and is the essence of what has made Costa Rica one of the world’s ‘greenest’ countries. This 1500 acre gem is located in the heart of the Quepos Biological Corridor, otherwise known as the Fila Chonta Mountain Range, and is host to one of the most diverse biological ecosystems on the planet.
Strategically located, Rainmaker is just 20 minutes to all of the resorts of Manuel Antonio and Quepos, yet it is a world of its own. It offers visionaries a unique opportunity to experience a magical preserve that is both isolated and protected from the outside world, yet amazingly accessible. Rainmaker has a working infrastructure to allow for research and development of an ecological community as an example for the world to emulate. There is a fully developed canopy walk and bridge system exploring the most accessible portions of the property. There are also caretaker’s homes, a rancho/restaurant and all the necessary accommodations to allow for easy access, enjoyment and research. All of these, coupled with some additional hiking trails, more canopy bridge tours, canyoning tours, extreme jungle hiking and camping, luxury glamping, could make this an eco-tourism Mecca, offering guests to the central pacific coast a one stop for a host of activities in one amazing location.

Rainmaker is an example of successful economic and environmental policy with a low density eco-sensitive business model.
With more and more of the world being overly exploited, Rainmaker remains a startling example of preservation and integrity. The vast majority of the property–more than 80%–is virgin rainforest, and home to almost every imaginable species known in Costa Rica, including a once thought to be extinct Harlequin Frog. Rainmaker is an ideal centerpiece property for any conservation group to study and use as a research spot.
Rainmaker has everything inherent to Costa Rica…PURE WATER, Tropical rainforest, flora and fauna at unimaginable densities and beauty beyond words… A destination like no other… Rainmaker.
Rainmaker has recently been recognized by the Costa Rican government as both a valuable sustainable private forest preserve and as a vital watershed.
• 1450 acres of pristine rainforest property
• 80% of the property is untouched virgin rainforest, hosting one of the most biologically diverse properties in Central America.
• Three distinct ecosystems in one property as well as an easy access point with existing infrastructure is a base for study and research.
• An extensive jungle canopy walk and canopy bridge system, river trails and restaurant
• An abundance of PURE WATER, the oil of the next generation, which originates on the farm in pure springs and aquifers.
• Rainmaker is home to species once thought extinct, which have been re-discovered in the lush and untouched beauty of this enormous farm.
Rainmaker waterfalls